Web 3 Marketing & Messaging
for Decentralized Application Developers

DappLaunch makes it possible to build & manage an audience of web3 visitors, as well as communicate via their blockchain account addresses

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About DappLaunch

Build Your Web 3 Audience

DappLaunch is a marketing platform for decentralized developers to build and manage audiences, and communicate with users using Web 3 email.

Add generated form code to your website or landing page and start collecting web 3 addresses.
Create and schedule HTML-based campaigns to send out to your subscribers.

Use Cases

With DappLaunch, there is no need to collect email addresses to communicate with your audience. Instead, decentralized applications can stay true to Web 3, and send mailchain messages.

Here's some great use cases for DappLaunch:

Pre-Launch Dapps

Start engaging with your audience before you launch...

Gather Early Interest

Measure interest in your Dapp by hosting a landing page and collecting user's account addresses.

Acquire Early Adopters

Start communicating with potential users of your DApp early to build the features they want most.

Announce Your Launch

Broadcast your launch to your audience and invite them to check out your DApp.

Post-Launch DApps

Communicate and engage users the Web 3 way...

Privacy-Respecting Marketing

Stay in touch while respecting user privacy by communicating with mailchain-based web 3 email.

Grow Your Audience

Grow and keep in touch with your audience by adding new, interested users to your lists.

User Engagement

Share news, updates, and offers with users to increase engagement with your DApp.

Build your audience and drive more engagement...

Powered by DappLaunch

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